Radar Archive was set up to allow access to historical material about the development of early Radar. The Radar Archive currently holds Radar related photographs and films from the WW2 era. The material is from the collection of Douglas Fisher, who was a director-cameraman with TRE where much of the UK Radar development took place. Sadly Douglas Fisher died in 2007 aged 85.

Until now much of the material we hold was only available to those researchers who knew about the collection. Many of the books on early Radar used pictures from the Douglas Fisher collection. Videos of some training films were also made available to Radar enthusiasts on VHS.

This website was set up as a resource site for those interested in early Radar development and who needed pictures of WW2 equipment and personalities. Some of the training films are now available on DVD (or VHS). For a list of available DVDs see our “Films on DVD” section.

There is a large collection of material, much of which has been digitally scanned and can be made available for publications or use in TV programmes.

If you require further information please do not hesitate in contacting us. Email is usually the best method, contact@radararchive.com